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Before the "Big Chop" Before the "Big Chop"
Many black girls such as me have been getting chemicals relaxer, perms, and/or hair coloring for as long as we could remember. We didn't start it, our parents did, but all we know is that every 4 to 6 weeks is time for a relaxer retouch. We never even knew what our natural hair pattern looked like because just one day past the time for our perm, it seems like our hair become unbearable.

It wasn't that our hair was so bad. We were comparing apples to oranges, comparing several inches of permed, straight, well-nourished hair to about only ½ inch of dry, coarse, new growth. But a revolution has taken place over the past decade that has allowed me to see something I haven't seen in 18 years in the cosmetology industry: black women are embracing their own natural hair texture and pattern.


Sometimes I think it's even a form of rebellion, much like our parents rebelled with afros in the 70's. Nevertheless, black women are forgoing hair weaves and "Going Natural". The term "Going Natural" is a term or reference used to describe when someone has chosen to refrained from applying chemicals of any kind to their hair (the operative word being "any "), allowing their hair to continue be in the state in which it growsnaturally (coarse, thick, kinky and/or curly). Hair is not truly natural or virgin unless it is free from Sodium Hydroxide (relaxers & texturizers), peroxide (permanent hair coloring), ammonium thyglolate (jheri curls). Even Formaldehyde. Yes I said formaldehyde.


This is a dangerous chemical found in many of the keratin smoothing treatment such as the Brazilian Protein Treatment. Now don't take Virgin hair out of context. I know virgin usually means something that has never been explored before, but in the case of hair, virgin also means not in a long time. If someone already has chemical on their hair but wants to go natural, they would just have to cut all the permed and/or colored hair off. Trendz by Tammy calls this "The Big Chop". I strongly suggest you visit a professional hair salon that specializes in natural hairstyles and natural hair care to have a free consultation to make sure the big chop is right for you. Let me give you a head's up. Many people think they have more newgrowth then they really do. They are sometimes left with a "TWF" "Tiny Winnie Fro" Just get you some big earrings and big lashes, and embrace. Your fro will grow into you. Everything will be fine, welcome a new you!

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Tammy Fleming

I can't believe this is my JOB! So much FUN and still loving it after 17 years.

New Orleans native, Tammy relocated to Houston in 1995. She started her life in Houston as a single mother on welfare. But for Tammy, failure was not an option. She started from scratch and worked her way up to owning her own ethnic hair salon by offering superior customized hair care services. She specializes in damage hair repair from overprocessed or underprocessed hair caused by relaxers or permanent hair coloring.


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