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Premier Natural Black Hair Salon Houston. Skilled and up to date with the latest hair TRENDZ, ladies short pixie hair cuts, relaxers, natural hair silk press, dreadlocks, jheri curls, keratin protein treatment and hair coloring trends. Our team of hair professionals is ready to help make you feel and look great.


Natural Black Hair Salon Houston

Hours of Operation

Mon – Sat

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays


12:00 Noon – 4:00 PM

Natural Black Black Hair Salon Houston


  • Trim$20+
  • Layered Haircut$25+
  • Natural Haircut$25+
  • Men's Haircut$25+


  • Marcel Curling$55+
  • Soft Curls and Waves$55+
  • Roller Set$45+
  • Straw Set$75+


  • Relaxers$80+
  • Hair Coloring$80+
  • Jheri Curls$80+
  • Keratin Treatment$225+

What People Are Saying

Aisha Shabazz
If your goal is healthy hair, this is most definitely the place to go. I came to Tammy with a head full of lifeless damaged hair. After just a few visits, I already see a major change in my hair.
This was my first time there and I loved Tammy. She really cares about your hair. She’s friendly and personable. My hair is natural and I was skeptical above getting it straightened but I was very satisfied. My hair was bouncy and glowing!!!
If you aren’t good at taking care of your hair or just have a super busy life, Tammy will make your hair manageable and healthy.