Beautiful Virgin Relaxer

Some people’s hair becomes discolored with age, from the sun’s rays or just changing with the season. Hair is still all natural if it is free from any chemicals.

If you are requiring a virgin relaxer you must find a professional hairstylist who is knowledgeable and skillful in this lengthy and tedious hair salon service. Many hairstylists apply a virgin relaxer improperly because they apply a virgin relaxer the same way they apply a retouch relaxer, at the newgrowth, ½ inch off the scalp. They then quickly try to slide the excess relaxer compound down the entire strand of the hair shaft: this is just wrong. This wrongful application allows for over-saturation of the relaxer on the hair and scalp. At this rate your scalp will certainly become irritated and burned before the entire hair strand is properly relaxed.

Because the resulting hair is consequently not relaxed properly, and most people say the perm didn’t take. I strongly suggest that a non-professional hairstylist do not attempt to apply a virgin relaxer themselves. You can’t just slap a little perm on your new growth, ignoring the hair shaft, and expect your hair to be relaxed properly.  This can be a dangerous process causing irritation, burning, brakeage and chemical burns or even blisters. If done properly, the relaxer can remain on the hair shaft, for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Most people are horrified when they hear this. They think their scalp will be on fire! Yes, if the relaxer was actually touching scalp for an hour but keep in mind, the relaxer is on the hair shaft. Hair doesn’t have feelings so the scalp will not burn if no chemicals are touching it. The relaxer is on the hair shaft for this period of time, not the scalp. Applying a virgin relaxer properly does take perceptiveness depending on the porosity, density and elasticity of the hair. Normally a virgin relaxers should be applied about 1 1/2 to 2 inches off the scalp and about 2 inches off the ends. A virgin relaxer starts at the hair shaft.

If someone attempts to preform this process on themself, it will not be done properly. This technique needs also to be consistent with the application timing from the very start. Once the client starts burning, the relaxer must be taken out no matter what, so time is of the essence. A virgin relaxer is a chemical and must be administered only by a licensed hairstyling professional.

Some clients of Trendz by Tammy hair salon have very resistant hair, and when the client’s hair is really resistant, their second application will relax much better. A relaxer retouch will be due in about 4 to 6 weeks.

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