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Houston's Premier Black Hair Salon. Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon leads by example. With 20 years experience, Tammy is an original, one of a kind, black hairstylist in Houston. Tammy works her magic on any variety of ethnic hair.

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Exquisite style that is functional, soft & fun: Do not be boring! Nowadays uniqueness is hard to find, but you can get Tammified and look better than ever!

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Tammy Fleming owner/master hairstylist alumni of Goldman/Sachs 10,000 Small Business. TRENDZ by Tammy black hair salon in Houston near Pearland, TX has moved to 10910 Cullen Blvd Suite C Houston, TX 77047 Black hair salon in Sunnyside, Southpark, Southeast Houston, Pearland, Sugarland area We do keratin protein hair straightening treatments, black women hairstyles, short hair cuts, long layered haircuts, sew in hair weaves, quickweaves, 27 piece quickweaves, relaxer retouches, virgin relaxers. natural hair care, hair coloring, and cornrow braids, Senegalese braids, box braids, dreadlocks, natural hair blowout and more. Were open all day on Mondays and were open on Sundays by appointment only. Call about a free consultation today. And of your looking for a great black barbershop go to

News: Trendz by Tammy Hair Salon Hiring  

TRENDZ by Tammy Black Hair Salon is hiring recent cosmetology graduates or license cosmetologists. Ms Tammy personally trains all hairstylists and shampoo tech in everything from hair cutting and permanent hair coloring to virgin relaxers and corrective relaxers. Must have a good attitude and be able to take constructive criticism. If you have what it takes to be a part of a winning team, call Ms Tammy of Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon Houston TX at 832-443-5335 today






Ladies are you just plain old tired of ugly split end hair that just won't bounce and behave? Are you one of those ladies who have resulted to wearing your hair in the exact same pullback ponytail hairstyles everyday because it has become unmanageable? Have you decided to “go natural” and now you don't even recognize what is growing on top of your head because you have never seen your hair's natural curl pattern before? You have been getting your hair relaxed since you can remember, right? Oh, and my favorite. You have finally decided that your natual hair is too much for you to handle sooooo after almost a year of no relaxing, you decide to do what I call “that slap on perm”. You know, it's when you slap the relaxer on the hair in no particular order, putting the relaxer first, around the edges and so close to the scalp, it starts to burn before the hair is even properly relaxed.



Ladies, you are suffering needlessly. It's time to “Fall into the Soft” at Trendz by Tammy Hair salon in Houston/Pearland area. Come and let the professional hairstylists at Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon treat you to experiencing beautiful hair. People see styles a professional hairstylist has done and they say, “I can't keep that up”.

Yes you can. But first thing first. You will need to decide if your are going to wear your hair relaxed or in it's natural state. Two textures of hair will not exist on the same head for very long. The second thing is to “get it healthy”.

Next thing always remember, “the style is in the cut”. Healthy hair and a beautiful haircut or layered trim is the easiest way to maintain a beautiful head of hair. Healthy hair basicly maintain itself. It falls into place. Healthy hair knows cause healthy hair blows. So come to Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon in Houston/Pearland area and get that bouncy blowout silk press or keratin hair straightening treatment for natutal hair or the virgin relaxer or corrective relaxer you need along with a beautiful short pixie haircut or flawless layered trim. Come to Trendz by Tammy and Fall into the Soft

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