Our Services

Come visit the best black hair salon in Houston. It is no longer enough for the black woman to just to have a fabulous hairstyle. Many of these very styles, such as micro freestyle braids, Brazilian blowout (which contains formaldehyde), the Dominican straightening are causing severe and often permanent damage to the black woman’s hairshaft, hair follicles, hair root, ends and scalp. Too tight freestyle hair braiding often causes alopecia tension.

Style Title

  • Net hair weaves specialist Up do’s
  • Precision short hair cuts
  • Fade
  • Dreadlocks starter and retwist
  • Cornrow hair braiding
  • Silk Press/Blowout
  • Natural Hair Care
  • Virgin Hair Relaxers 
  • Corrective Hair Relaxers
  • Permanent Hair Coloring

Hair Cuts

  • Short hair cut
  • Medium hair cut
  • Long hair cut
  • Precision hair cuts
  • Feathered hair cuting
  • Layered hair cutting
  • Trim of split ends
  • Bald  Fades
  • Edge Ups

Style Title

  • Hair Relaxers, Virgin Relaxer, Relaxer Retouch
  • Perms
  • Jheri curls
  • Two Strand Twist
  • Straw Sets
  • Pencil Curls
  • Roller Wraps
  • Roller Sets
  • Keratin Protein Straightening Treatment
  • Silk Press
  • Natural Hair Blowout
  • Natural Hair Care Styles
  • Dreadlocks
  • Protected Quick Weaves
  • Beautiful Flat 27 piece Quick Weaves
  • Cornrow Hair Braiding Salon